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Today, we move towards a digital revolution in film where nearly anyone with a story to tell can pick up a digital camera and make a movie. Never before have film makers and the stories they tell been as diverse, cutting across racial, gender, and class boundaries.

The film revolution has been accompanied by another revolution in film distribution. Gone are the days of waiting for a major distributor to pick up a movie in order to bring it to the local Cineplex. Now, top Hollywood directors such as John Sayles, Mel Gibson and others, are moving towards self-distribution...

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  • The Legend is Alive

    How to Fight in Six Inch Heels

    Writer: Tim Tori

    Cast: Kathy Uyen, Truc Diem, Phuong Mai, Petey Majik, Sigmund Watkins, Don Nguyen

    A short-legged girl in a long legged world.

     In Theaters March 27th, 2015

     San Jose, Orange County, Dallas, Houston, Seattle and San Diego

     More cities to be announced

  • Slide Saigon Electric Poster

    Saigon Electric Synopsis

    Writer: Stephane Gauger

    Cast: Van Trang, Quynh Hoa, Zen 04 ,Khoung Ngoc,Elly Nguyen,Phan Tan Thi

    Mai, a ribbon dancer from the countryside arrives in Saigon and befriends Kim, a b-girl, who brings Mai into the underground world of hip hop in modern day Saigon. A promise of a better life leads Kim's dance crew to the big competition, but a romance with a rich kid threatens to derail her plans.


  • Fool for Love

    Fool for Love Synopsis

    Writer: Dustin Nguyen

    Cast: Dustin Nguyen, Kathy Uyen, Thai Hoa, Charlie Nguyen

    An earnest bathroom clerk Dung falls in love and quits his job to pursue the affections of a beautiful lounge singer, Mai. However, she is already being chased by a wealthy real estate tycoon. Comedy ensues as the penniless clerks is forced to shack up with a very rich but very gay businessman looking for male companionship.


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  • Owl and the Sparrow

    Owl and the Sparrow Synopsis

    Writer: Stephane Gauger

    Cast: Han Thi Pham, Cay Ly, The Lu Le

    In modern-day Saigon, three lonely strangers form a unique family as a ten-year old orphan plays matchmaker to a zookeeper and a beautiful flight attendant.


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